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Symposion [Kunstwerk] Krastal 2020

8.08.2020 | 17:00


The “1. European Sculptors’ Symposion in Krastal/Carinthia” was taken place in 1967. It was organized by Karl Prantl together with Felix Orsini Rosenberg architect and Christa Hauer painter-gallerist. Otto Eder who knew the stone quarry in Krastal had an important roll to engage for the project Viktor Brojatsch the head of Lauster marble quarry. The next year (1968) the symposion is organized in Europapark, Klagenfurt and followed by a symposion in 1969, which take place both in Krastal and Europapark, and since then, every year a symposion was held in Krastal marble quarry without interruption, which so far no other symposion succeeded. From 1969, Otto Eder has continued the organization together with Hans Muhr and Günther Kraus. He made efforts for the lasting establishment of the symposion, initiated the foundation of an association and later on the construction of the “bildhauerhaus”.

The sculptors’ symposion in Krastal since its foundation had the objective to give emphasis to a better establishment of stone sculpture in the contemporary art scene as well as provide new tasks for sculpture in the urban landscape and [kunstwerk] krastal is a continuously renewing interdisciplinary forum for artists, architects, theoreticians, scholars.

presentation of the sculptures

Sa 08. August 2020
in the presence of the artists


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