Advanced Training for Conductors & Brass Orchestras

5. - 7.11.2021

Development of a music program with 3 active participants under the supervision of lecturer Pieter Jansen/NL and more music lecturers. Offers the possibility for a weekend rehearsal for music societies with an ideal infrastructure and under the guidance of practically oriented experts. Improvement of the overall musical understanding, the development of professional qualities of the conductors and musicians, the exchange of experiences and knowledge, the enhancement of orchestral sound performance and implementing of measures of sound improvement, general rehearsal methodology and didactics.


Advanced training series for conductors and brass orchestras. Active participation: A maximum of 4 conductors work actively with the training orchestra. Passive participation: Working conductors and their substitutes, participants of EBO seminars, students as well as interested musicians.


Pieter Jansen (NL)


active participation per module €100,00
active participation all 3 modules €250,00
free for passive participants and participants of the CMA conductor’s training course of the music schools in Carinthia


Kärntner Blasmusikverband (KBV)


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