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Choir academy: vocal training

13. - 15.11.2020

The training course for choir leaders imparts basic knowledge in the field of choir conducting and also serves as a further educational training for already active choir conductors who want to deepen their skills and extend their knowledge. The training duration is two years. In total, there are 11 modules with different priorities to be completed: 5 basic modules, 5 advanced modules and 1 module with a youth focus. In order to guarantee the continuity of the training course, participants are required to attend 3 modules within one year.The modular course system is offered on weekends (Friday from 2 PM until Sunday 5 PM). It is possible to join the course at any time. 

This module is part of the choirmaster training and can be booked separately.


Aspiring and active choir leaders of vocal groups, choral societies and school choirs, voice leaders and (choir) singers, teachers, music teachers, leaders of children- and youth groups, kindergarden teachers.


Good knowledge of music reading and keys, curiosity towards new approaches and literature, interest in professional development.


  • Sebastian Meixner, basics
  • Florian Maierl, advanced and specialization
  • Ellen Freydis-Martin, vocal training
  • Jessica Gratzer, music education and piano

Please indicate your vocal pitch and your education/prior knowledge during the booking process.