Carinthian Youth Ensemble Competition


Youth brass orchestras consisting of 9 or more members, youth society brass orchestras, music school- and school brass orchestras as well as representational orchestras. Allowed to enter in the categories AJ to EJ are all youth brass orchestras in the Austrian Brass Music Association and its partner associations, provided that they meet the criteria above.


Youth brass orchestras can enter in six different categories (AJ to SJ). A compulsory piece must be selected from the provided selection. Additionally, another piece on the same or a higher level than the compulsory piece must be selected and performed by the orchestra. Two pieces in every level are given to choose from. One piece must be by an Austrian composer or one from the country of the partner association.


The evaluation is carried out in the following categories: Voice and intonation, tone and sound quality, phrasing and articulation, technical execution, rhythm and interplay, tempo and agogic, dynamic differentiation, tonal and register balance, interpretation and sense of style, artistic-musical overall impression. Every juror can give 1-10 points for every criterion. The overall result will be calculated by the average number of points.


Kärntner Blasmusikverband Christian Kramser MA, Landesjugendreferent Stv.


Diese Veranstaltung wird von einem externen Partner durchgeführt. Weitere Informationen und Kartenbestellungen über das Contact form

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