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270,00 400,00 

I’m ALL in the Music

18.09.2020 - 10.04.2021

The core competence of our music schools is in instrumental and singing lessons. Is there even any space left for accompanying subjects such as music theory within the main subject course? How can these essential elements be integrated into one-on-one or group training in a meaningful way? “GANZ in der Musik” offers opportunities to develop an “All-Inclusive Course” with the right teaching materials. It opens up a new approach to understand how our students understand. By that, we can show them the way to discover knowledge in themselves. The goal is to build up a course that will teach the children new things and offer strategies that motivate them to continue working on their own.

Module 1: Beat / Time / Rhythm
Module 2: Relative Solmization and Pitch
Module 3: …and now?
Module 4: Me as a teacher


“Ich arbeite mit Menschen, um ihnen eine Möglichkeit zu bieten,
ihren eigenen Weg in der Musik zu finden und zu gehen.
Ich denke, dass wir keinem Menschen etwas beibringen können.
Aber wir können ihm helfen, dass er es in sich selbst entdeckt.
Mein Interesse ist die Vermittlung eines Unterrichts,
der anderen Menschen hilft, zu entdecken.”


Music School teachers of all fields, teachers of various school types.


Fridays 9 am to 6 pm, saturdays 9 am to 12.30 pm

Modul 1: 18.-19.09.2020 
Modul 2: 27.-28.11.2020 
Modul 3: 15.-16.01.2021 
Modul 4: 9.-10.04.2021


€400,00 in total for all 4 modules (cannot be booked seperately)

€270,00 for teachers of the “Musikschulen des Landes Kärnten” (limited participants)


Min. 15 / Max. 25 people

The sequel “I’m ALL in the music 2” takes place every two years, the next class will be offered in the school year 2021/2022.