Austrian Percussion Camp 2022

21. - 27.08.2022

Welcome to the Austrian Percussion Camp 2022!

“I always felt totally out of place in the Stones…
with the way I looked…
I’ll have a pair of shoes on and they’ve got trainers. 
And I hate trainers, even if they’re fashionable.”
Charlie Watts

Sticks and trainers.

Although Charlie Watts did not see any really useful connection between them, these tools will be congenial companions at AUSTRIAN PERCUSSION CAMP 2022.
A concentrated load of artistic information is once again available to our participants. In all our courses, we focus heavily on the basics, yet advanced players will also find exciting challenges.
And since general well-being remains very close to our hearts, we will establish a wonderful flow between musical work, sports and relaxation.

MORNING FLOW or MORNING POWER, TAIKO DRUMMING with the Japanese line-up YAMATO, BRAZILIAN and LATIN PERCUSSION, CAJÓN GROOVES in pop and rock music, improvisation on the VIBRAPHONE and MARIMBA, PERCUSSION ORCHESTRA, CAMP CHOIR, ethereal HANDPAN sounds and GRANADA songs with the original GRANADA drummer:
You can organize your day to include this wide variety before it’s time for the DRUM CIRCLE, a SOUND JOURNEY or the legendary OPEN STAGE in the evening. 

For the fourteenth time, we are offering a program at full blast for beginners, the entire family, and budding professionals.


Children, young adults, adult amateurs and teachers with little to advanced skills. From 10-99 years.


Günter Meinhart: Artistic Director / Drumcircle
Yamato: Taiko Ensemble
Ismael Barrios: Conga, Bongo & Co.
Johannes Bohun: The Way to Stomp
Peter Gabis: Handpan
Roland Hanslmeier: Drumset
Raphael Meinhart: Vibraphon & Marimba
Roswitha Meinhart: Morning Flow
Luis Oliveira: Brazilian Percussion
Sonja Prugger: Campchoir
Bernhard Richter: Percussion Ensemble
Claudio Spieler: Cajon & Udu
Judith Meinhart: child- & youthcare
Sebastian Gross: Morning Power & Outdoor Sport; youthcare


Tel.: +43 664 5242252 




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