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Transverse Flute – Ensemble (Level C + C)

11. - 18.07.2021

The focus of this course is ensemble playing in various formations – trio, quartet, quintet. In the morning classes for the entire group, participants will learn additional knowledge and skills in the fields of technique, posture, intonation and approach. The learning about different musical tools will also be part of this class, where it is always about seeing and experiencing music as a means of personal expression and developing an individual interpretation. One-on-one lessons are available as well. Advanced pianists can also attend this course as accompanists. Combine Music with vacation. This course is targeted towards adult amateur musicians.

Requirements: Intermediate level, knowledge of the entire range of the transverse flute, solid knowledge in reading notes, confidence in playing up to 4# and 4b, studied in musical scales and triads, rhythmical awareness of syncopations, change of time, confident skills in ensemble playing as well as a minimum of three years of constant playing practice and training. Knowledge of chromatic scale as well as the techniques of double tongue and vibrato are desirable or should be at least “in progress”.

Requirements for D-level: Advanced players with many years of constant and intensive playing practice. Confident knowledge of the entire range of the transverse flute. Chromatic, double tongue and vibrato. Easy handling of complex rhythmical structures, experience in different lineups, very good knowledge of reading notes and being able to play at sight are expected.


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