Silence. Concentration. Heartbeat. Until the first tone fills the room. And all eyes start to shine.

A concert is only perfect when location and acoustics play together in harmony. Like in the Alban Berg Concert Hall, the biggest event location at the CMA with 395 sqm. The CMA also offers a complete range of instruments including two small (Barocksaal, Musikzimmer) and one grand piano (Alban Berg Hall).  

Barock- and Rittersaal

Applause moves through the rows. Forward. And backward. A sea of happiness.

Concerts on a smaller scale are best suited to the Barock- or Rittersaal, adorned with colorful frescos by Josef Ferdinand Fromiller (1693-1760), which exude an especially festive ambiance. The rooms are fittet with a YAMAHA concert piano C5 (Barocksaal) and a smaller YAMAHA piano (Musikzimmer).