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  • 24.09. - 30.06.

    Choir Academy Conducting Vocal/Voice and Breathing Technique


    Detailed information

    YOU want to be heard? At the two-year choiremaster training, basic knowledge will be conveyed in the areas of vocal education, choral conducting, piano practice and didactics. The choral conduction training takes two years.

    Bookings until December 10th 2020
    Information event: to be announced

    Minimum age of 16 years; there will be a placement test, the decision behooves the course leaders. For the placement test, it is necessary to know how to read music, how to clap simple rhythms and melodies. Be prepared to dare singing in front of an audience, to work with people, to be reflective and to sing simple melodies at sight.

    Lecturers and educators of music schools, music universities and experts of different areas.

    Locations (planned)
    Dellach/Drautal, Spittal, Hermagor, Villach, Pörtschach or Moosburg, Völkermarkt or Wolfsberg. The course will be held with minimum of ten participants per location by the CMA in cooperation with the "Kärntner Sängerbund" and the "Musikschulen des Landes Kärnten". 

    Dates 2020/21 
    Two dates for the year 2021 must be announced with application. 

    The training ends with a certificate. Therefore, the attendance needs to be at least 80%.

    The costs for the whole year are € 1.400,00. It is possible to pay in two instalments of € 750,00 (costs with installment payment are € 1.500,00)