How can I contact the Music Center Knappenberg?
The Music Center Knappenberg Website will go live very soon. You can reach our team at the Music Center Knappenberg via telephone +43(0)4263 / 75028 or mail at office-knappenberg@die-cma.at. Lodging is available at JUFA Hotel Knappenberg, which can be reached via telephone +43(0)57083-460 or mail at knappenberg@jufa-eu.at. All information about the JUFA Hotel Knappenberg can be found on their website.

How can I register for a course at CMA Ossiach?
Registration is only available online under Learning.

How can I sign off from a course on short notice?
In this case, please contact the CMA Administration via phone at +43(0)4243 45594 and per mail at office-ossiach@die-cma.at. There are no refunds for paid course fees.

How can I buy concert tickets?
Tickets for concerts at CMA Ossiach can be booked online, paid and printed from our website. Requests for concert tickets hosted by external organizers will be forwarded to them directly.

What kinds of accommodations are available at the CMA Ossiach?
For music seminars, accommodation is generally provided in shared rooms (from 3 people). Single or double rooms can be arranged after prior consultation and subject to availability. These will be charged with surcharges.

Are linens and towels available?
Every room has bedding, linens and towels available.

When is my room ready?
Your room will usually be ready after 3 PM.

When do I need to leave the room on my day of departure?
The rooms must be cleared before 10 AM and all keys must be returned.

Is it possible to accommodate a vegetarian diet or other food related intolerances?
Vegetarian dishes are served regularly. Intolerances and special food needs can be accommodated upon request. Please include a detailed reference in your application.

When will breakfast, lunch and dinner be served?
Our Restaurant  CMA – KULINARIK.CAMPUS OSSIACH at Ossiach Abbey serves fresh food to all course participants every day. Breakfast is usually from 7.30 AM to 9.30 AM, lunch is from 12 to 3 PM, our service personal will help you kindly find your special. We are glad to take your last order at 8.30 PM. For applications on time, there can be some time adjustments in consultation with the CMA. The á la carte menu in our Restaurant is displayed on site.

What are the opening hours of  CMA – KULINARIK.CAMPUS OSSIACH?
The current opening hours can be found on the website of Ossiach Abbey. Please consider seasonal changes of opening hours.

Is it possible to visit the CMA Ossiach Abbey?
No, it is not possible to visit the Abbey. In exceptional cases and with regard to the course schedule, a visit can be arranged. Please contact our Administration for more information via telephone +43(0)4243 / 45594 or mail at office-ossiach@die-cma.at.

Is there any parking available on site?
More than enough parking spots are available on the grounds of the CMA. More parking is available in the surrounding area. Please pay attention to the parking regulations by the local Ossiach parish.

Are there any wheelchair accessible rooms available?
Despite the long history of the building, the Music Academy is wheelchair accessible. In case, please contact us at rezeption@die-cma.at

Which payment methods are accepted?
At CMA Ossiach and the Restaurant  allegro – KULINARIK.CAMPUS OSSIACH, it is possible to pay cash or with card (debit or credit card). Group bookings will get a separate bill.

What else is there to do around the CMA?
The CMA Ossiach features a common area and a gaming room (pool table, table tennis, darts,  table soccer, various board games) which is accessible to all course participants. Around the CMA and in the surrounding area of the Ossiach parish, there are various activities and places to choose from, ranging from a swimming pool, climbing areas, cruises, “Affenberg”, “Adlerwarte Landskron”, “Domenig Steinhaus” and many more. More information can be found at the Ossiach Parish website and the website of the region.

Is there WIFI available or other forms of internet access?
All participants can access Wifi for free.