Music rushes from room to room. Keeps the balance. Between high and low. And then eventually arrives. In the heart.

Rehearse, visit concerts, learn new things – all of that can be done at the Carinthian Music Academy now for more than 10 years. Founded by the Austrian province of Carinthia as a competence center for further education and training, the CMA has quickly established itself as a popular meeting place for music and culture enthusiasts of all genres. No wonder, because besides the regular course program, the CMA also offers the perfect infrastructure for events – at two locations. Ossiach Abbey, right on the lakefront at Ossiach Lake or high up above at the Music Center Knappenberg – a place where Heinrich Harrer already found peace and serenity.


These walls have ears. Still, they keep their secrets. A telling silence. For more than 1000 years.

Initially founded as a monastery, the Ossiach Abbey we know today has seen it all. And has probably heard even more. Because not only its founders, the Bavarian earl Ozi I. and his wife Irenburgis, have left their historical marks on the thick walls of the Abbey. Also, their children, the Polish king Boleslaus and even the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army, who used the premises as a barrack and stud farm, have shaped the history of the monastery, which was eventually closed in 1783. From 1816 onwards, the castle started to deteriorate more and more and was given to the Austrian Federal Forestry Office in 1946 and then converted to a hotel a little later. Since 2009, the Abbey has now been the home of the Carinthian Music Academy.

Would you like to know more? You’ll find a more detailed history on the website of the Ossiach parish.

The Location

To seek. And then to find. In the waves. In the music. In the here and now.

Ossiacher See

eat, drink & sleep

Shut your eyes. And be carried away. By regional flavors. New ideas. Or sweet dreams.

Taking a break is a true art. And not only on a sheet of music. This is why the Carinthian Music Academy offers not only a modern hotel, but also exceptional cuisine at a great restaurant allegro – KULINARIK.CAMPUS OSSIACH, where relaxing is made easy and very enjoyable between – or after – rehearsals. Uniquely beautiful: The view from the sunny Abbey terrace, where you can enjoy the color play on the lake for hours and hours. A place for true leisure and enjoyable spare time. Come and see for yourself.

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