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  • 2023

  • 28.09.

    Under the motto "brass.over.ossiach" we warmly welcome the humorous trio "Wieder, Gansch & Paul" to our place! The variety of brass music and their unmistakable way of making music together conjures up a special concert atmosphere.

    The coincidence
    Coincidence writes the most beautiful stories. In 2015, Albert Wieder stepped in to replace Mnozil Brass on maternity leave. At some point, together with Thomas Gansch and Leonhard Paul, they started playing an encore at the end of every Mnozil Brass show. A new one on every tour. Out of the blue, very spontaneously and with little or no rehearsal, they stood on the stage and did what making music is about - communicating. A whole concert program developed over time; with songs from all corners of their three universes:

    George Michael, Franz Schubert, Chuck Mangione, Johann Strauss, Toots Thielemans, Udo Jürgens, Henry Mancini, Billy Joel and and and. Bass, melody and harmony. That's all you need. You could also say "Earth, Wind and Fire" - but that's already taken - that's why we want to call it "Wieder, Gansch & Paul"!

    Thomas Gansch - trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals

    Leonhard Paul – trombone, bass trumpet, vocals

    Albert Wieder - tuba


    Concert September 28, 2023 – 7.30 p.m. in the Alban Berg concert hall

    Concert ticket category 1: € 38,- Seat reservation in the first 5 rows

    Concert ticket category 2: € 28,- from the 6th row - free choice of seat

    Kleine Zeitung Club members receive a 30 percent discount on two tickets for the concert on September 28, 2023. For the discount, you can use the discount code by email at marketingktn@kleinezeitung.at can request.

    Program: "Ménage a trois"

    Bluesette - Toots Thielemans

    The Breeze and I - Ernesto Lecuona

    Wapplergavotte - Leonhard Paul

    Der Tanzbodenboanige - Leonhard Paul

    Maiglöckerlmazur - Trad.

    I hob die schönen Maderln ned erfunden - Ludwig Schmidseder; T.: Theo Prosel

    Mei Mutter war a Rosenkavalier - Richard Strauss/Leonhard Paul

    Maria - L. Bernstein/West side story

    Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder

    Jubilation - Junior Mance

    Tuyo - Rodrigo Aramante

    Star Trek Theme - Alexander Courage

    Pinky and the Brain - Richard Stone

    Love and Marriage - Jimma Van Heusen

    Pink Panther - Henry Mancini

    Der Wein is a Luada - Willy Jelinek; T.: Karl Schneider

    Morgen - Eik Breit

    Faith - George Michael

    Land of make believe - Chuck Mangione

    If I never sing another Song - Udo Jürgens


  • Concert LuNo Winds & Landesblasorchester Salzburg.

    Entry voluntary donation.

    Program informations here

  • Pre-elimination Carinthian choir of the year

  • 8.10.

    from € 19

    Detailed information

    Concert in case of "brass.over.ossiach" from the Brass Band Carinthia.

    Adult 28 Euro
    Students 19 Euro

    Kleine Zeitung Club members receive a 30 percent discount on two tickets for the concert on October 8, 2023. For the discount, you can use the discount code by email at marketingktn@kleinezeitung.at can request.

  • 13.10.

    "Green meadows, cheerful forests, your attraction will not last. When the glory has passed, one will look again into the abyss with horror and fear.” Antonio Fanzaglia, libretto to Alcina

    These words of Ruggiero, who has fallen in love with the sorceress Alcina and is now freed from this magic by his fiancé Bradamante, mark the difference between two worlds of love that we still find in our society today: the magical, passionate and sensual Love and everyday civic love built on vows and shaped by fidelity and responsibility. Alcina, through its magic, allows us to create an island where the wonderful and the sensual find their place. She transforms people into a different form, making them part of her magic island. However, Alcina longs for a kind of love in which loyalty and responsibility come into their own and not just sensual magic. Alcina falls in love with Ruggiero and thus loses her magical powers. The liberation of the people from the magic of Alcina lead to the sinking of the magic island. The everyday, unimaginative and non-sensuous world has prevailed.

    This production is a continuation of a master class "Baroque Performance Art" under the artistic direction of the internationally renowned soprano Gemma Bertagnolli (Conservatorio di Milano) and Ferdinand von Bothmer (Gustav Mahler Private University of Music Klagenfurt) with the CMA Ossiach. Students of the GMPU, as well as musicians from the Alma Mahler Musikverein under the direction of Torsten Böselhör, will perform excerpts from the opera "Alcina" by George Frideric Handel in the Baroque Hall of the Ossiach Abbey in the form of a concert .

    Georg Friedrich Händel "Alcina"

    Musical director Torsten Übelhör

    Overall artistic direction Ferdinand von Bothmer

    Musical assistance Alja Klemenc

    Instrumental ensemble Alma Mahler Musikverein

    Singing ensemble: students in the singing classes of Prof. Francka Šenk and Ferdinand von Bothmer at the Gustav Mahler Private University of Music Klagenfurt.

    Adult 28 Euro
    Students 19 Euro

    Kleine Zeitung Club members receive a 30 percent discount on two tickets for the concert on October 13, 2023. There is a discount code for the discount, which you can request by email at marketingktn@kleinezeitung.at.#

  • Matinee concert of the bläserphilharmonie carinthia

    Program- and Ticketinformations to follow.

  • 19.11.

    Concert of the orchestra academy

    Program- and Ticketinformations to follow.

  • 25.11.

    Concert of the Madrigal Choir Klagenfurt

    Program- and Ticketinformations to follow.

  • 2024

  • 27.09.

    from € 23

    Detailed information


    The “Brass Boys” will kick things off on September 27th 2024, 6 boys who have been making music together with great enthusiasm for more than 15 years. The ensemble emerged from a Carinthian music school project and is impressive Charm, joy of playing and musical ability at the highest level.

    Adult 33 Euro
    Students 23 Euro

  • 27.09. - 25.10.

    Get the Brass Pass for all concerts online or directly from us at the CMA Stift Ossiach office (no reservations).


    From September 27th to October 25th, 2024, the popular CMA festival will once again attract attention with many well-known names, but also offers a broad stage for young talents. Since 2009, the stars of the international music scene have been meeting at the CMA to pay homage to a very special metal: shimmering brass. The festival, which takes place every two years, always manages to cleverly combine traditional and contemporary influences and thus bring an exciting mix of all genres to the stage. Also there in 2024: the scene’s most renowned ensembles and soloists.

    Sounds good? Then you should secure your concert tickets now. It starts on September 27, 2024. Dates and programs are subject to change.

    27. September 2024 The Brass Boys

    6. Oktober 2024 Brass Band Kärnten feat. Selina Ott
    11. Oktober 2024 Salaputia Brass
    18. Oktober 2024 Austrian Brass Consort
    25. Oktober 2024 Blasmusik Supergroup


    On October 6th you can look forward to a very special highlight: the joint performance of the Brass Band Carinthia with the young trumpeter Selina Ott. She was awarded the Opus Klassik Prize in 2021 for her debut album “Trumpet Concerts” and is considered an absolutely exceptional talent.

    Adults 33 Euro
    Students 23 Euro

  • 11.10.


    Salaputia or “guys” are the name of the 11 young musicians who will be performing at the CMA on October 11th 2024. The ensemble is largely made up of renowned orchestral musicians who effortlessly manage the balancing act between demanding playing and entertaining listening pleasure.

    Adults 33 Euro
    Students 23 Euro

  • 18.10.


    “Water and Music” is the name of the promising concert theme of the Austrian Brass Consort, where 10 young musicians will be on stage on October 18th 2024. An absolute highlight: the “Aquasonic” by Hermann Delago, which is played with 30 instruments.

    Adults 33 Euro
    Students 23 Euro

  • 25.10.

    from € 33

    Detailed information


    On October 25th 2024, Mnozil Brass founder Thomas Gansch will bring 21 of the most renowned brass musicians on stage for his “Blasmusik Supergroup” – from the “Egerländer Musikanten” and the “Blechhauf’n” to “LaBrassBanda” and the “Wiener Philharmoniker”. .” So you can be excited.

    Adults 43 Euro
    Students 33 Euro