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  • 2022

  • 25.05.

    Exciting modern and topical programs, to initiate the audience unto our journeys of artistic discovery, to communicate music in an open-minded, uncompromising, yet in a poetic manner: this is the mission and the guiding principles that unite the seven musicians who constitute the Alban Berg Ensemble Wien.

    This Ensemble, formed in 2016, comprises the renowned 
    Hugo Wolf Quartet, pianist Ariane Haering as well as, flautist Silvia Careddu and clarinetist Alexander Neubauer from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. The Alban Berg Foundation bestows its imprimatur as a public acknowledgement of the esteem in which these musicians are held for their artistic vision, and in recognition of their innovative path in the spirit of Alban Berg. connected to the past while committed to the future.

    In its international concert activities, the ABEW dedicates itself to the classical-romantic chamber music repertoire in changing instrumentations, the music of the second Viennese school as well as contemporary music.A particular focus is on the music of the "fin du siêcle". On the debut CD with Deutsche Grammophon there are works by Schönberg, Mahler and Richard Strauss, all works from the early years of the 20th century.

    The ALBAN BERG ENSEMBLE WIEN (ABEW) has been organizing the BERGfrühling at the lake of Ossiach since 2018, previously as a festival, this year as a master class with concerts performed by the ensemble and the participants.

    Foto (c) Andrej Grilc 

  • 26. - 28.05.


    Presenting exciting concert programmes in a contemporary way, taking the audience along on an artistic discovery journey and communicate music as cosmopolitan, uncompromosing and poetic: these are the guidelines of the seven musicians of the Berg ensemble in Vienna. They are organizing the chamber music festival BERGfrühling which will take place in 2022 for the third time in Ossiach.


    Alban Berg Ensemble Wien
    supported by the "Alban Berg Stiftung Wien"



  • 11. - 12.06.


    Kärntner Blasmusikverband

  • 17.06.

    Workshops - Milongas -Tango Cruise


    After the great successes of 2016 and 2018, the kultur-forum-amthof is again hosting this unique festival in the south of Austria in 2020. Numerous tango argentino workshops, 4 milongas, some with live music and a concert in Ossiach Abbey with the Orquesta Silbando from France are on the program. The Tango cruise on the Ossiacher See, where you can dance on the upper deck and enjoy the scenery, takes place again. Of course, the show dances of our Tango Argentino teachers should not be missed. The workshops will again be supervised by Amanda & Adrian Costa from France and Andrea Veronica Bestvater & Martin Hernan La Bruna from Argentina.


    Tango Concert - Orquesta Tipica Silbando

    Fr. 19. Juni 2020 | 21:00

    The young orchestra from Paris undoubtedly belongs to the first league of contemporary Tango orchestras. The pieces of music they play are highly energetic, imaginative modern reinterpretations of the tango genre at a very high musical level. You will witness what is musically possible in the area between the Tango in the style of Pugliese and Piazzolla, classical music and musical.

    As a highlight of the concert, the couples who teach at our festival will perform show dances.

    After the concert, the Alban Berg Hall of the Ossiach Abbey hosts a Milonga tradicional with DJ Miguel from Klagenfurt.

  • Summer concert of the Graz University Orchestra.

    with works such as Symphony No. 6 "Pastorale" by Beethoven, "Summer" from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", also summer themes by Tchaikovsky and Piazzolla


    Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 6 in F major op. 68 "Pastoral"

    - Break -

    Antonio Vivaldi - "Summer" from "The Four Seasons"

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - "June", "July" and "August" from "The Seasons"

    Astor Piazzolla - "Summer" from "The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires"

    Soloist: Karin Weyermair

    Director: Andrei Skorobogatko


    Ticket price € 22,-. The tickets can be purchased online https://ntry.at/GUO-ossiach or in Bodensdorf: tourist office and library or at the box office.

    The current Corona measures apply

    Photo (c) Andreas Danner


  • 1.07.

    Concert "Klangwoche 60+"

    Free entry!

    Studio Percussion Graz

  • Terrace concert of the "Polizeimusik Kärnten"-free entry

    The concert only takes place in good weather

    Pic (c) LPD Kärnten

  • 21.08.


    Detailed information

    Tickets available at the box office:
    € 25 standard
    € 19 youth/students
    Discount of 30% for members of the Kleine Zeitung bonus club

    Please reserve your tickets here: +43 4243/45 594 


    Tel.: +43 664 5242252

  • With the concert “Il grande finale” the Austrian Percussion Camp ends, where great musicians and lecturers will be guests in the CMA Ossiach to teach Snare Drum, Mallets, Cajon, Frame Drum, Handpan, Drumset, Bodypercussion, Drumline, Songwriting and Choir. At the closing concerts the participants will show what they have learned in a week full of percussion.


    Tel.: +43 664 5242252

  • Further information following shortly


  • That's what a miracle sounds like. With his youth orchestra founded in 1975 in Caracas, the economist, politician, educator and composer José Antonio Abreu pursued the vision of offering children from the slums a chance of life and education. This vision became a unique success story. Numerous music schools were established across the country. Today about one million children are taught there. And they play in hundreds of youth orchestras and ensembles.

    (moderated concert) 

    Giancarlo Castro - Gran Fanfare 

    Francisco de Paula Aguirre - Amalia 

    Pedro Elias Gutierrez - Alma Ilanera

    Joy Webb - Share my Yoke 

    Leonard Bernstein - Symphonic Dances from West Side Story

    - America

    - Fuge

    - Somewhere

    - Mambo


    Giancarlo Castro - Llegada de un noble Maestro 

    Juan Caldarella - Canaro en Paris 

    José Antonio Abreu - Tico Tico ( Solist: Tomas Medina, Trompete) E. Lecuona - Malaguena

    Felix Mendoza - Medley Venezolano (Atalaya Percussion Ensemble) Giancarlo Castro - Walking Faster 

    Felix Mendoza - Guerra de Secciones 

    (Änderungen vorbehalten)

    Picture (c)Carlos Vargas Ovalles

  • 30.09.

    Brass Generations - two generations pull together. The 10-piece formation comes from Carinthia and consists of two independent brass quintets.

    On September 30th, 2022, the "BlechReiz BrassQuintett" will be on stage together with the "Austrian Brass Quintet - HoViHoLoHoff" as a large formation. "Brass Generations" is the name of this 10-piece brass ensemble, which will bring you a unique concert evening with its own compositions, arrangements and a voluminous brass sound.