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Concerts, Festivals and Events

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  • With the opening concert “Night of Percussion” the Austrian Percussion Camp starts, where great musicians and lecturers will be guests in the CMA Ossiach to teach Snare Drum, Mallets, Cajon, Frame Drum, Handpan, Drumset, Bodypercussion, Drumline, Songwriting and Choir. At the opening concerts the lecturers will introduce you into the world of percussion.


    Phone: +43 664 5242252

    Photo (c) Valentina Morianz

  • With the concert “Ilö grande finale” the Austrian Percussion Camp ends, where great musicians and lecturers will be guests in the CMA Ossiach to teach Snare Drum, Mallets, Cajon, Frame Drum, Handpan, Drumset, Bodypercussion, Drumline, Songwriting and Choir. At the closing concerts the participants will show what they have learned in a week full of percussion.


    Tel.: +43 664 5242252 


    The first sculptors' symposion was held in 1967 and since this date of founding until now, every year a symposion has taken place in Krastal marble quarry. Symposion [kunstwerk] krastal is so far the most ancient existing event of this kind and together with Carinthian Summer Music Festival one of the most long lasting artistic event in Carinthia.

    In the frame of the 53rd symposion, [kunstwerk] krastal invite artists to explore the question of the public space. In collaboration with philosophers, architects, theoreticians, experts of different domains, the artists will investigate the use of public space, the forms, the place and the function of artistic and non-artistic expression in it. The artworks as result of this interdisciplinary collaboration will be created for a specific environment; Stift Ossiach and its surroundings.


    Instead of creating singular sculpture-objects the artists will analyze, consider and interact with the environment. The aim of these artistic interventions is to create new assets to a milieu, to make the emergence of a new context, a revisited place, where the artwork does not distinguish from its environment by separation but by its impact on the elements of its environment. The artworks are the resonance of the space as well as the source of the resonance it self and they may be considered as proposals for better understanding of our environment. 

    presentation of the sculptures

    Saturday 30th August 2020 in presence of the artists

    Saturday 30th August from 5 pm

    - Closing fest of the symposium in the Ossiach Abbey in the presence of the artists
    - Sculpture presentation
    - Choreographic objects by Barbara Sarreau

    Saturday 30th August at 8 pm

    - Heidelinde Gratzl plays the première of her composition for accordion created during her residence at [kunstwerk] krastal
    - thrilling rhythms meet on intense soundscapes with vocals
    - and music from all directions of the spheres

    For more information about the symposion and correlating events, please visit the website of [kunstwerk] krastal,

  • 2.10.

    from € 19

    Detailed information

    10 years of BlechReiz BrassQuintett - time to celebrate!

    The five musicians of BlechReiz will be on stage for four concerts as a quintet - together with the KELAG Big Band and with friends and colleagues.

    For the first concert, the quintet will perform solo and present their new programme. Be prepared for an evening full of charming compositions, show elements and the bizarre, well-known humour of BlechReiz.

  • Gesamter Bass Season 2020 Bundle - time to celebrate!€0
    BlechReiz Solo€ 19
    BlechReizPop & kelagBIGband€ 19
    Brass Band Kärnten€ 19
    Brass Generations€ 19
    BlechReiz & Friends€ 19
  • The band BlechReizPop is famous for the song "I kenn di von mein Handy". This evening, BlechReizPop meets the kelag BIGband. The sound of a versatile Carinthian jazz orchestra meets the creative and virtuoso musicians of BlechReizPop who will be on stage as soloists of the kelag BIGband

    Of course, the most famous songs of BlechReizPop will not be missed: "I kenn di von mein Handy", "E-Bike Fohrer" or "Muttis".

  • 11.10.

    Since the first brass season in 2009, the Brass Band Carinthia is a fixed part of the Brass Season in the CMA.

    The Brass Band consists mainly of brass and drum teachers of the "Musikschulen des Landes Kärnten" as well as music students.  The band was founded in 2007 during a brass music training by the former group leader and member of the Austrian brass quintet HoViHoLoHoff, Robert Hofer. In 2008, the band framed the opening concert of the austrian brass music competition in Feldkirchen.

    In 2020, the Brass Band Carinthia will play for the first time under musical direction of Stefan Hofer, member of HoViHoLoHoff and director of the "Musikschule Nockberge".


    Dimitri Shostakowitsch: Festive Ouverture

    William German: The President

    Peter Graham: Gaelforce

    Paul Lovatt Cooper: Horizons

    Philip Sparke: Scaramouche

    Giuseppe Verdi: La Forza del Detino


    Paul Levatt Cooper: Fire in the Blood

    Arthur Pryor: Blue Bells of Scottland

    Chuck Mangione: Children of Sanchez

    Peter Graham: Windows 

    Date and programme subject to change.

  • 18.10.

    from € 19

    Detailed information

    This evening, a large formation will be on stage: BlechReiz BrassQuintett meets the Austrian Brass quintet "HoViHoLoHoff"!

    The ensemble which consists of ten people, will perform their own compositions as well as arrangements and guarantee a voluminous brass sound.

  • 23.10.

    from € 19

    Detailed information

    The BlechReiz BrassQuintett presents music that has been created during the past ten years. Music that has been created by friendships and otherwhise has built friendships, pinoeers and the opportunity to realize brillant musical experiments on stage - together.


    Kärntner Blasmusikverband (KBV)

  • 4.12.


    Attention, children! Who says that Saint Nicholas always arrives with his sleigh? At the children's advent in Ossiach Saint Nicholas brings his presents by boat! So put on your warmest coat and greet Saint Nicholas with a loud "Ahooooooooy!".    


    16.30 Uhr Arrival of Saint Nicholas at the shipping pier in Ossiach
    Music programme and dances at the courtyard of the "Sitft Ossiach"

  • 5.12.


    Detailed information


    Volksliedchor Feldkirchen

    The "Volksliedchor" is presenting their Christmas Repertoire and wants to bring their audience in a Christmas spirit

    Booking via e-mail at

  • 6.12.


    Detailed information


    Volksliedchor Feldkirchen

    The "Volksliedchor" is presenting their Christmas Repertoire and wants to bring their audience in a Christmas spirit

    Booking via e-mail at

  • 13. - 15.05.


    Presenting exciting concert programmes in a contemporary way, taking the audience along on an artistic discovery journey and communicate music as cosmopolitan, uncompromosing and poetic: these are the guidelines of the seven musicians of the Berg ensemble in Vienna. They are organizing the chamber music festival BERGfrühling which will take place in 2021 for the third time in Ossiach.


    Thursday, May 13th 2021 | 17:00
    Opening concert

    Friday, May 14th 2021 | 11:00
    Matinee "Beethoven"

    Friday, May 14th 2021| 18:00
    Friday Night - night and dreams

    Saturday, May 15th 2021 | 18:00
    Closing concert



    Alban Berg Ensemble Wien
    supported by the "Alban Berg Stiftung Wien"



  • 18.06.

    Workshops - Milongas -Tango Cruise


    After the great successes of 2016 and 2018, the kultur-forum-amthof is again hosting this unique festival in the south of Austria in 2020. Numerous tango argentino workshops, 4 milongas, some with live music and a concert in Ossiach Abbey with the Orquesta Silbando from France are on the program. The Tango cruise on the Ossiacher See, where you can dance on the upper deck and enjoy the scenery, takes place again. Of course, the show dances of our Tango Argentino teachers should not be missed. The workshops will again be supervised by Amanda & Adrian Costa from France and Andrea Veronica Bestvater & Martin Hernan La Bruna from Argentina.


    Tango Concert - Orquesta Tipica Silbando

    Fr. 19. Juni 2020 | 21:00

    The young orchestra from Paris undoubtedly belongs to the first league of contemporary Tango orchestras. The pieces of music they play are highly energetic, imaginative modern reinterpretations of the tango genre at a very high musical level. You will witness what is musically possible in the area between the Tango in the style of Pugliese and Piazzolla, classical music and musical.

    As a highlight of the concert, the couples who teach at our festival will perform show dances.

    After the concert, the Alban Berg Hall of the Ossiach Abbey hosts a Milonga tradicional with DJ Miguel from Klagenfurt.