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Gregor Meyle & Band

4.08.2024 | 20:00

Gregor Meyle & band

The exclusive inaugural concert of Pop.Nonstop Academy features the captivating performance of GREGOR MEYLE accompanied by a talented ensemble.

This is a standing concert, and seat reservations are not available.

“Dreams come and go and remain, like waves on the sea. Sometimes they come true, but believing in them is often hard.” Few lyrics capture the essence of singer-songwriter Gregor Meyle’s journey better than the opening lines of his song “Why dreaming is worthwhile” from his seventh studio album. The charismatic musician, with his guitar, glasses, and hat, reinforces once again with this album that he is here to stay, even if his fans had to wait a little longer this time. In the summer, he embarks on a tour, bringing to life the songs from his latest album, “Individualität.”

When Gregor Meyle and his band, comprised of exceptional musicians, take the stage, an immediate spark is ignited. The audience senses the genuine joy radiating from every performer, captivating everyone present. With over two hours of handcrafted music infused with palpable passion, there’s no need for special effects. Those who have experienced it firsthand can attest to the optimism, positive vibes, and authentic intimacy, whether in a small club or on a grand stage. Once you’ve been part of it, you always come back, because there’s no one quite like Gregor Meyle.

About Gregor Meyle
Many people have only known Gregor Meyle since the first season of “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert”, but he has earned his loyal fan base through hundreds of live performances in clubs, town halls and on large open-air stages. He also made it to the final show as a dragon on “The Masked Singer”. He received gold awards for his studio albums “New York-Stintino” and “Meile für Meyle” on his own label Meylemusic. With “Meylensteine” he has his own successful TV show on Vox and he now has more than a quarter of a million enthusiastic concertgoers, an Echo and a German Television Award to his name. This is followed by another own evening program “Playlist of my Life” and most recently he hosts the new ARD show “Your Songs” together with Jeanette Biedermann, in which he was already allowed to kiss Robbie Williams and in 2023 his former band members Take That, and Ronan Keating.