Practice makes perfect. So join the CMA masterclasses with Igor Ozim and Wonji Kim-Ozim for violin and Mario Mazo for piano and get a real master this summer.

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Summer courses for children and teenagers

Strings, piano, flute, composition, chorus, guitar,..

Enthusiastic people who want to expand their skills are just as welcome as students who want to prepare for a competition or an exam.


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Rehearsals at any time!

For new customers there is a special offer to get to know the musik academy. € 52.00 per person for accommodation, full board and use of all rehearsal rooms as well as our extensive range of instruments. 

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The brass elite is coming!

Our special guests this autumn: The Philadelphia Big Brass, German Brass & the Brass Band Kärnten! Come and enjoy!

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02. August 2015

Teachers' Concert
Start: 20.00 o'clockConcert details

08. August 2015

Final concert

Summer course flute

Start: 19.30 o'clockConcert details

22. August 2015

Final concert

Masterclasses Piano, Strings and Chamber Music

Start: 10.30 o'clockConcert details

23. August 2015


Opening Concert

Start: 19.00 o'clockConcert details


From timpani to trumpets and gongs, CMA Ossiach Abbey has all the instruments you need at your disposal. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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Mix & match

Put together your personal ensemble of seminar and concert equipment and rooms online, quickly and easily.


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Tuning fork & knife

Our seminar hotel is the right place for anyone who wants to enjoy silence occasionally. For a culinary break we advise visiting our allegro.

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We offer more than a great venue for event organisers. Our marketing collateral, from the website to event brochures, offer ample opportunities for reaching a broad audience with your brand.

Chirp, Chirp..

Who thinks a sky full of violins is not sufficient should come into the CMA. You will find talented young musicians from all over Austria who show you that also a trumpet, cello or clarinet will strike into your heart. 

Spring programme

To melt away..

The annoying buzz of mosquitoes and the loud croaking in the neighbor's garden is not enough for you? So get out of the garden chair and into the cool court of the CMA, where you will enjoy a fascinating program.


Take a deep breath!

This year again with top performers, such as the 10-member German Brass Ensemble, with a incomparable mix of classic, jazz and modern melodies or the current world leaders, The Philadelphia Big Brass.

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Ring, little bell..

... and I hope that's Santa Clause standing there in front of my door. Or my darling, who accompanies me to the Advent encounters. Starting: November 28, 2015