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Brass season


Freitag | Bass Season 2020 Bundle - time to celebrate!

Get your Brass Season Bundle now on our website or at the CMA office (no reservations!) and enjoy all five brass concerts.

Time to celebrate! While last year, the CMA brought international brass bands onto stage, this autumn is dedicated to domestic sounds. The area of focus is the Carinthian band »BlechReiz« whose career started exactly ten years ago. Time to celebrate – with five exclusive concerts, where »BlechReiz« is supported by young talents, friends and music pioneers such as the KELAG Big Band or the HoViHoLo-Hoff Austrian Brass Quintett. We guarantee a high music experience!

Sounds good? Better be fast and book your brass season bundle now. The first concerts starts on October 2nd, 2020. We reserve the right to change dates and programmes.

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Freitag | 19:30 | BlechReiz Solo

10 years of BlechReiz BrassQuintett – time to celebrate!

The five musicians of BlechReiz will be on stage for four concerts as a quintet – together with the KELAG Big Band and with friends and colleagues.

For the first concert, the quintet will perform solo and present their new programme. Be prepared for an evening full of charming compositions, show elements and the bizarre, well-known humour of BlechReiz.

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Sonntag | 19:30 | BlechReizPop & KELAG Big Band

The band BlechReizPop is famous for the song “I kenn di von mein Handy”. This evening, BlechReizPop meets the kelag BIGband. The sound of a versatile Carinthian jazz orchestra meets the creative and virtuoso musicians of BlechReizPop who will be on stage as soloists of the kelag BIGband

Of course, the most famous songs of BlechReizPop will not be missed: “I kenn di von mein Handy”, “E-Bike Fohrer” or “Muttis”.

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Sonntag | 19:30 | Brass Band Carinthia

Since the first brass season in 2009, the Brass Band Carinthia is a fixed part of the Brass Season in the CMA.

The Brass Band consists mainly of brass and drum teachers of the “Musikschulen des Landes Kärnten” as well as music students.  The band was founded in 2007 during a brass music training by the former group leader and member of the Austrian brass quintet HoViHoLoHoff, Robert Hofer. In 2008, the band framed the opening concert of the austrian brass music competition in Feldkirchen.

In 2020, the Brass Band Carinthia will play for the first time under musical direction of Stefan Hofer, member of HoViHoLoHoff and director of the “Musikschule Nockberge”.


Dimitri Shostakowitsch: Festive Ouverture

William German: The President

Peter Graham: Gaelforce

Paul Lovatt Cooper: Horizons

Philip Sparke: Scaramouche

Giuseppe Verdi: La Forza del Detino


Paul Levatt Cooper: Fire in the Blood

Arthur Pryor: Blue Bells of Scottland

Chuck Mangione: Children of Sanchez

Peter Graham: Windows 

Date and programme subject to change.

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Sonntag | 19:30 | Brass Generations

This evening, a large formation will be on stage: BlechReiz BrassQuintett meets the Austrian Brass quintet “HoViHoLoHoff”!

The ensemble which consists of ten people, will perform their own compositions as well as arrangements and guarantee a voluminous brass sound.

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Freitag | 19:30 | BlechReiz & Friends

The BlechReiz BrassQuintett presents music that has been created during the past ten years. Music that has been created by friendships and otherwhise has built friendships, pinoeers and the opportunity to realize brillant musical experiments on stage – together.

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